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Pacific Rim 2

Pacific Rim Uprising (Pacific Rim 2)

Pacific Rim Uprising

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Steven S. DeKnight directs Pacific Rim Uprising, the sequel to the epic action-adventure Pacific Rim which Guillermo del Toro created in 2013. With a script penned by Zak Penn, Jon Spaights and Guillermo del Toro, Pacific Rim Uprising will introduce new characters and Jaegers as they combat an evolved Kaiju threat once again for Humanity's survival.

A Detailed Look at the Kaiju in Pacific Rim




Posted Jul-03-2013 12:45 AM

[b]Pacific Rim[/b] sets out to re-introduce Western audiences to a popular Eastern genre - [b]Kaiju[/b] film making. What are [b]Kaiju[/b]? - [b]Kaiju[/b] are essentially Monsters, which wreck havoc on society. In fact, the term "Kaiju" is the Japanese word for Monster. [b]Godzilla[/b], for example, was a "Kaiju". [b]Pacific Rim[/b] introduces a number of new Kaiju to the hundreds - thousands which already exist in Eastern cinema, comics and games. Some of the Kaiju present in Pacific Rim pay homage to earlier creations, but for the most part, the designs of the Kaiju seen in this film are quite unique and original. This thread will give further insight to each of the [b]Kaiju[/b] introduced, what their characteristics are and how they play a role in either the movie. Feel free to comment or add your own ideas, in the response section below. [b]Pacific Rim - The KAIJU[/b] The Kaiju in Pacific Rim are toxic in nature, their blood and fluids which they excrete can be extremely hazardous to Humans. Because of this, the Kaiju are classified into categories, known as the [i]Serizawa Scale[/i]. This scale has a range of 1 to 5 (I - V). This scale measures a particular Kaiju's water displacement, toxicity levels and ambient radioactivity as they pass through the portal, located in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. [b]1. - Trespasser[/b] [center] [url=http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/gallery/view/img/706][img]http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/media/Pacific_Rim_Kaiju_Featurette_02.jpg[/img][/url] [/center] The [b]Trespasser Kaiju[/b] was the first Kaiju to breach the portal and enter our World, in August of 2013, near the city of San Francisco. [b]Trespasser[/b] emerged, to destroy the monumental Golden Gate Bridge, before rampaging through the city. After a short time, the US Military decided to use Nuclear force on the giant beast, after exhausting conventional military efforts to put it down. [center] [url=http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/gallery/view/img/472][img]http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/media/Pacific_Rim_TV_Spot_4_13.jpg[/img][/url] [/center] The Nuclear bomb did kill the Kaiju, but also destroyed much of San Francisco - many lives were lost that day. Following this devastation, this day would forever be known as [b]K-Day[/b]. [center] [url=http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/gallery/view/img/32][img]http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/media/pacificrim_trailer_hd_screencaps_01.jpg[/img][/url] [/center] [b]2. Sydney[/b] [i]Category [b]1[/b] Kaiju[/i] [center] [url=http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/gallery/view/img/705][img]http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/media/Pacific_Rim_Kaiju_Featurette_01.jpg[/img][/url] [/center] The [b]Sydney Kaiju[/b] earned its name by emerging from the portal to attack Sydney Australia. This Kaiju was classified as a [b]Category 1[/b], due to it's smaller stature and lower levels of toxicity, however still a destructive force of nature. [center] [url=http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/gallery/view/img/623][img]http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/media/sydney_kaiju_pacificrim.jpg[/img][/url] [/center] In the film, [b]Sydney[/b] comes face-to-face with Australia's home-grown STRIKER EUREKA [b]Jaeger[/b], and her chest-mounted "Anti-Kaiju Rockets". Not much needs to be said about how that plays out for the unsuspecting Kaiju... [center] [url=http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/gallery/view/img/672][img]http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/media/Pacific_Rim_Under_Attack_03.jpg[/img][/url] [/center] [b]3. Knifehead[/b] [i]Category [b]3[/b] Kaiju[/i] [center] [url=http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/gallery/view/img/710][img]http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/media/Pacific_Rim_Kaiju_Featurette_06.jpg[/img][/url] [/center] A shark-like monster, the [b]Knifehead Kaiju[/b] emerges from the portal in the year 2020 to face-off against the [b]Jaeger[/b], GIPSY DANGER at sea. This Kaiju got its name from its enormous, blade-like head crest, which extends upward like a giant knife. [center] [url=http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/gallery/view/img/52][img]http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/media/pacificrim_trailer_hd_screencaps_13.jpg[/img][/url] [/center] [b]Knifehead[/b] is significantly larger than the previously mentioned [b]Sydney[/b] Kaiju, and poses a larger threat. In the trailers, we witness this Kaiju biting and ripping at GIPSY DANGER during their confrontation. This Kaiju is also capable of moving rapidly under water, and propelling itself out of the water like a rocket, to attack the [b]Jaegers[/b]. Pair this abnormal agility and power with a massive knife-like head protuberance, and you have the making for a serious killing machine. [center] [url=http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/gallery/view/img/667][img]http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/media/Pacific_Rim_At_The_Edge_30.jpg[/img][/url] [/center] [b]4. Leatherback[/b] [i]Category [b]4[/b] Kaiju[/i] [center] [url=http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/gallery/view/img/709][img]http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/media/Pacific_Rim_Kaiju_Featurette_05.jpg[/img][/url] [/center] The [b]Leatherback Kaiju[/b] resembles that of a Gorilla/reptile. A very massive, muscular Kaiju, with two huge, frontal claws, which deliver incredible power when laying a smack-down on a [b]Jaeger[/b]. This Kaiju faces off against multiple [b]Jaegers[/b] in [b]Pacific Rim[/b] and is by far one of the prominent antagonists throughout. [center] [url=http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/gallery/view/img/725][img]http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/media/Pacific_Rim_Kaiju_Featurette_21.jpg[/img][/url] [/center] [b]Leatherback[/b] is seen attacking GIPSY DANGER in various trailers and is also seen ripping apart the Russian [b]Jaeger[/b], CHERNO ALPHA, with the help of the next Kaiju on our list, [b]Otachi[/b]. [center] [url=http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/gallery/view/img/181][img]http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/media/PR_WonderCon_trailer_36.jpg[/img][/url] [/center] It's worth noting, [b]Leatherback[/b] is also seen emitting a powerful EMP pulse from an unknown organ, located on its back. This seems to be some kind of bio-weapon, which the Kaiju can use to inflict serious damage on anything within its blast radius. [center] [url=http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/gallery/view/img/282][img]http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/media/Pacific_Rim_Main_Trailer_43.jpg[/img][/url] [/center] [b]5. Otachi[/b] [i]Category [b]4[/b] Kaiju[/i] [center] [url=http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/gallery/view/img/708][img]http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/media/Pacific_Rim_Kaiju_Featurette_04.jpg[/img][/url] [/center] [b]Otachi[/b] is one bad Kaiju. First appearing from the portal in the year 2025, this Kaiju stands out from the rest, because of its ability to fly and weighing in at over 2,600 tons, it's one of the larger Kaiju the Pan Pacific Defense Corps. have encountered. [center] [url=http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/gallery/view/img/464][img]http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/media/Pacific_Rim_TV_Spot_4_05.jpg[/img][/url] [/center] [b]Otachi[/b] is seen in the trailers, getting smashed over the face by an oil-tanker by GIPSY DANGER who uses it like a Baseball bat. We also see [b]Otachi[/b] deal some pretty heavy pain on GIPSY DANGER in return, by grinding the [b]Jaeger's[/b] head against buildings, as well as flying with GIPSY in her claws, smashing her into buildings below. [center] [url=http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/gallery/view/img/208][img]http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/media/PR_WonderCon_trailer_63.jpg[/img][/url] [/center] [b]6. Raiju[/b] [i]Category [b]4[/b] Kaiju[/i] [center] [url=http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/gallery/view/img/715][img]http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/media/Pacific_Rim_Kaiju_Featurette_11.jpg[/img][/url] [/center] A lesser known Kaiju, [b]Raiju[/b] is a Category 4 [b]Kaiju[/b], who has yet to make an appearance in any of the trailers. The only info we have on this Kaiju comes to us in the form of concept artwork and a preview of [i]NECA's[/i] Toy models for it. What we do know, is that this [b]Kaiju's[/b] head opens up to expose it's real face. [center] [url=http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/gallery/view/img/537][img]http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/media/Pacific_Rim_HeroClix_Figures_05.jpg[/img][/url] [/center] [b]7. Slattern[/b] [i]Category [b]5[/b] Kaiju[/i] [center] [url=http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/gallery/view/img/713][img]http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/media/Pacific_Rim_Kaiju_Featurette_09.jpg[/img][/url] [/center] Another, lesser known Kaiju from [b]Pacific Rim[/b] is the [b]Slattern Kaiju[/b]. However, this is the first Category 5 Kaiju to be encountered by the [i]PPDC[/i] and is the "Big Boss" Kaiju of the film, if you will. Weighing in at over 6,700 tons, it is by far the largest and most powerful of all the Kaiju to be featured in [b]Pacific Rim[/b], and is briefly seen tackling STRIKER EUREKA while underwater (near the Portal entrance we're assuming) in one of the recent trailers. This Kaiju is both extremely intelligent and extremely toxic, gaining in the [i]Category 5[/i] clarification. [b]Slattern[/b] will be seen near the end of [b]Pacific Rim[/b], as it will pose the greatest threat to Humanity. [b]Other Kaiju...[/b] There is another [b]Kaiju[/b], which goes by the name [b]Scuner[/b], which will be in [b]Pacific Rim[/b], but due to lack of information and presence in any of the trailers, we will wait to fill its bio, once we gain enough information. The [b]Scunner Kaiju[/b] resembles the [b]Knifehead Kaiju[/b] in terms of build and stature, however instead of sporting a massive knife-like crest, [b]Scunner[/b] fashions two massive tusks on the side of its head. The only image of the [b]Scunner[/b] Kaiju we have, is from a preview for [b]Pacific Rim: The Game[/b] in which we see a screenshot, of [b]Scunner[/b] fighting the [b]Otachi Kaiju[/b]. (Seen below) [center] [url=http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/gallery/view/img/227][img]http://www.pacificrim-movie.net/media/pacificrim_game_screencap5.jpg[/img][/url] [/center] [center] [i]This thread will be updated as new and more accurate information is presented to us and/or after we have seen Pacific Rim and can expand on the bios with more information.[/i] [/center]

20 Responses to A Detailed Look at the Kaiju in Pacific Rim


Jul-03-2013 12:58 AM

Awesome!!! Impressive beast to say the least! Thanks for the thread Chris!

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Jul-03-2013 5:04 AM

Awesome thread Chris! Do you btw have any info who terrorized Rinkos charecter when she was kid? Maybe that was Scunner?

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Jul-03-2013 7:05 AM

The book Man, Machines, and Monsters that has a lot more on these kaiju. Scunner is Category 4, and like a bull when in a fight. The book does say Trespasser aka Axehead, Scunner, and Knifehead have the same body shape.


Jul-03-2013 10:07 AM

Feebs the Kaiju that terrorizes Rinko (Mako Mori) is Onibaba. It's a large crustacean like Kaiju, and It's name literally translates to Demon in Japan.

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Jul-03-2013 11:35 AM

It makes you wonder if Scunner/Axehead/etc are all similar in body structure because they are mass produced, and then updated with new "attachements" when one design proves to be faulty, IE when Gigan in Godzilla Final Wars has its scythe hands replaced with dual chainsaws.


Jul-03-2013 12:15 PM

That's a pretty neat idea [b]Cyanidenailbomb[/b]! They could just be related, or they could be, like you suggest, manufactured. [b]THEDUDE[/b] has access to the [i]Man, Machines and Monsters[/i] book, so perhaps he can shed some more light on this?


Jul-03-2013 2:38 PM

*SPOILERS* From the book, Bladehead was the first Kaiju to show that the Anti-Kaiju Wall was utterly useless (and stupid political bickering). When Striker and Gipsy near the Breach, they face off against Scunner, Raiju, and Slattern. Scunner is like a bull kaiju. He attempts to gore Gipsy. And to reinforce this further, Gipsy even RIDES Scunner at some point during their fight. To Chris Picard, the book only really says that Axehead, Knifehead, and Scunner, have the same body type due to budget and time limitations. However, they did their best to hide this fact with the following: you never fully see Axehead's body, Knifehead's body is half underwater, and Scunner's body is the only one that is fully and clearly seen.

Y0ung Bl00d

Jul-05-2013 6:30 PM

Some of the Kaijus of Pacific Rim are obvious homages to older Daikaijus from Japanese franchises. Knifehead being a nod to Guiron from the Gamera series. Raiju's protective head piece being a nod to Gabora or Suppitol from the Ultraman Franchise. Or even lesser know Kaijus like Meathead being a nod to an even more obscure monster, Bagan from the Super Godzilla videogame. The Kaiju Karloff's name seems to be an homage to Boris Karloff who is probably the most recognizable and loved version of Frankenstein. So with that said, it really is a treat to see Del Toro giving the fans homages to monsters of the past that we've come know and love. Del Toro, you're a genius.


Jul-29-2013 8:52 PM

I want to pick a favorite Kaiju but I just can't

G fan 84

Aug-07-2013 1:11 AM

AXEHEAD/TRESSPASSER is my fave hands down!!!


Aug-11-2013 3:07 PM

This movie is simply epic! Saw it 3 times in the States and once in Japan, heck my wife even likes it!


Aug-12-2013 1:26 AM

Hey!!! and Onibaba?? That level II kaiju that destroyed japan when Mako was only a child! i love that crab design and have the best roar!


Aug-13-2013 10:38 AM

Seen it 5 times, responsible for 11 ticket sales, and read the book. I _LOVE_ this movie!


Sep-02-2013 7:01 PM

thanks! this is aweomse!! Knifehead is pretty cool.

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Sep-26-2013 3:12 AM

My fave Kaiju of all time is Otachi :D otherwise I can not pick one...

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Oct-01-2013 12:36 PM

have to agree with feebs

im a purple grisly bear so get over and become something else


Dec-04-2013 7:57 AM

While this movie is Epic there are a few issues... Obviously. Namely any Kaiju with the intent of rape and pillage would simply be a shuddering wreck on Earth. Buckle up 'cos heres why: First off, you need to take a looksie at the Blue whale. The biggest creature to ever have existed on our lovely planet. By biggest i mean largest mass for a constantly moving, eating and reproducing animal. There are fungi and such that fill a larger volume and weigh more but we wont go into that. The Blue is very close to the largest any animal can possibly be on Earth. (This is according to several accepted models). As you will know "weight" is subject to the GFRE (Gravitation Factor Relative to Earth). This means the Blue whale will weigh around 0.38 its usual on Mars for instance. The mean weight for an adult male Blue is 100-120 tons, for the purposes of this discussion we'll say 110. So: 110 - 35% = 71.5 (on mars) Whats the effect? Well the whale will be incredibly strong, 35% stronger than on earth. However thats true for every planetary body. Even synthetic ones (did the movie explain anything about the Kaiju's place of birth/growth?) Again, this same model applies to all planets. If our monstrous friends were born on a small planet (like say Mars) they will be exactly 35% weaker on Earth! Now here's where the problem comes along. If our lovely Kaiju (lets call him Dingleberry) WAS as strong as he appeared in the blockbuster he would have to have grown up on a truly MASSIVE planet, possibly 2 or 3 GFRE. Unfortunately this is also a problem as all organisms have a "mass ceiling" this ceiling becomes larger and larger relative to 1 GFRE (Earth) but as you don't see the Kaiju clearing continents with a single bound its safe to say that these Kaiju come from a planet with only a GFRE rating or around 1.5 to 2. Point being, they are WAY too big to exist on planetary bodes that small. And too weak to exist on larger ones. This means should they actually invade all you'd see is a few bubbles as poor Dingleberry sunk to the bottom of the ocean and drowned. No need for a Jager then eh ;)


Feb-15-2014 8:06 PM

I love Trespasser. Can't wait for the new Neca figure to come out!


Apr-08-2014 9:25 PM

In my opinion Knifehead is the strongest between scunner and axehead/Trespasser because of the knife-like head he has and can probably defeat slattern with it

Sci-Fi King25

Apr-17-2014 6:54 PM

I hate to be a perfectionist here, but Sydney (also known as Mutavore) was a Cat IV.

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