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Pacific Rim Uprising

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Steven S. DeKnight directs Pacific Rim Uprising, the sequel to the epic action-adventure Pacific Rim which Guillermo del Toro created in 2013. With a script penned by Zak Penn, Jon Spaights and Guillermo del Toro, Pacific Rim Uprising will introduce new characters and Jaegers as they combat an evolved Kaiju threat once again for Humanity's survival.

Universal have 'no plans' to merge Godzilla Monsterverse and Pacific Rim

Universal have 'no plans' to merge Godzilla Monsterverse and Pacific Rim

Talk of a Pacific Rim and Godzilla Monsterverse movie cross-over took the net by storm last month when Pacific Rim Uprising director Steven DeKnight expressed his interest in the idea. However he did clarify the concept was purely theoretical, it was enough to spark tremendous discussion across the web and social media, enough to even warrant a comment by Pacific Rim Uprising producer Cale Boyter during a press event earlier this year. Boyter confirmed that although an intriguing concept, Universal have no plans of pursuing a merger between the two cinematic universes:

There’s no plans to merge. Understandably that might be cool, but I might have something up my sleeve that will surprise you – that I think you guys will love, that I think is better than the obvious approach.

We're unsure of what Boyter is alluding to in place of a Godzilla cross-over in the above quote but it sounds like a similar cross-over might be in the cards. What else could they be planning? A cross-over with Ultraman? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source: CinemaBlend

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5 Fan responses to Universal have 'no plans' to merge Godzilla Monsterverse and Pacific Rim


Nov-08-2017 8:24 PM

I wonder what Mr. Boyter is planning.


Nov-08-2017 8:49 PM


They have something up their sleeves.  Notice he said there were no plans to merge the universes, but that doesn't necessarily mean that a merger of the CHARACTERS is out of the question.

Might we get a Godzilla appearance in a third Pacific Rim film, as has been discussed by fans recently?  They obviously are considering SOMETHING, but what could it be...

G. H. (Gman)

Nov-08-2017 11:01 PM

It's honestly the MonsterVerse's loss.


Nov-09-2017 7:47 AM

It would be a fun thing to see, but its good to keep them separated. I love Pacific Rim, and I love Godzilla, that being said just because I love bubblegum and chocolate, doesn't mean I should chew them both at the same time. some things just wont go together well.

it a wise decision, but im very intrigued to see what they have up there "sleeve"? I don't think it will be Ultraman crossover or a Gamera crossover. But I swear to god they if they involve the Power Rangers im going to punch every baby I come across. haha


Nov-11-2017 9:16 PM

Could it be that maybe.. they are coming up with a Biollante angle.. or perhaps.. a whole new kaiju altogether ?

Gamera.. would fit in nicely to Pac Rim.. but in Godzilla.. well.. it would be cool.. but I doubt it would happen at all.

Ultraman.. umm. no way.. please don't let that be the case. And power rangers.. oh no no no no NO.

I personally think it's time for a new Kaiju in Godzilla's world.. but if they plan to Kill G off in KK vs G..(which would suck soooo  bad)then why hype up a surprise for future films. Kong should be the one who loses.. not GODzilla. The director did say.. there will be a winner.

The pecking order is clear.. first it's GOD then KING.. and the King is subservient to God.. in my opinion. 

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